Four Generations of Black Entrepreneurs - My History

As a Black owned business, in this last weekend of Black History Month, I wanted to take a moment to share the history of my family that paved a path for me to bring cookies to you today.

There has been an entrepreneurial drive in my family as far back as I can remember. My grandfather, Reverend Keyes (that is what we all called him), was a pastor and a bricklayer all throughout Louisiana. He was self-employed and was immensely proud of all the churches he helped build. He was creating a foundation not only for the communities of Louisiana but also for his 13 children and the many generations that followed. 

My father, Anthony Clark, was a painter by trade and wore a tie every day to work. I believe he was the only painter you could find so formally dressed. He took pride in his work and had a passion for what he did. One day he was driving down the street and saw a house being painted by a group of people from the community, he stopped the car and jumped right in with them and started painting the house for a family in need. From that day forward, he spent his free time giving back to the community, helping paint homes throughout Tacoma for community members that had needs they couldn’t meet without the support. He planted the seed of giving back to your community deeply in me.

I was the first woman entrepreneur in my immediate family and was encouraged and supported by those around me, especially my mother who has been an unwavering pillar of support to me and my business since day one. I saw my aunties, uncles and cousins show strength and determination in their own entrepreneurial endeavors as well. The foundation of that drive continued on throughout the generations. My son, Marc Brown, has the same drive as the generations that came before him. He is the owner of a Member's Only, a high-end barber shop, and The Clean Cut Boys Club.

Four key lesson I took with me from the Black Entrepreneurs in my family's history:

  • Build a foundation for future generations
  • Have pride in what you do
  • Support, encourage and build each other up
  • Give back to the community

Thank you for taking a moment to read my story and for supporting this business and other Black owned businesses in the community!