Finding Joy

I'm going to be real...some days just showing up for work can be so daunting for me. The last couple of years were rough and there were times when I didn’t think I had it in me to fight to keep the business going. But things have changed over the last nine months for me, thanks in a large part to YOU. The way the community has shown up for me and my business has given me hope again, where I had felt defeated. This support has allowed me the space to find joy again in what I do; and what I love doing most of all is creating amazing cookies! I’m back in the test kitchen and coming up with new cookies designs and new recipes. This has been so fun that I find myself excited to get to the bakery now. I have a little pep in my step and I am looking up again and seeing the light. Thank you for being part of my journey back to joy! 

Here is a little peak behind the curtain at one of the fun cookies we have been working on creating this week! It brings me so much joy to introduce this cookie to you, meet Circus Cookies! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these cookies! We had so much fun creating this one, finding the right amount of sprinkles for it and frosting them in a way that mostly shows what animal shape it is supposed to be (one is a little tricky still just like the ones we had as kids). These cookies are everything my inner child wants, a giant version of a nostalgic treat that is larger than my hand! I couldn't even wait to show them to you so we are taking preorders on them and I know that you are going to find joy in every bite of this cookie!

I also couldn't do it without my my amazing team. Maria is my go to person for frosting cookies, she is so fast and precise. She nailed it on her first try! 

May you find joy in what you do, be lifted up when feeling down and not lose hope. A brighter day may be just around the corner.