60 Amazing Years Under My Belt!

“If you have a dream or a passion, don’t let anything sideline you. Do not give up even when it’s tough!”

Over the last 60 years I have tried my best to live by those words. As an African American woman, mother, and business owner, I can honestly say the road hasn’t been easy.

I found that you must have a balance in life. There will be people who will doubt that you can perform or meet their expectations, and others will dismiss the dream altogether – but that’s when I like to prove them wrong.

I believe with every obstacle we face; a larger reward soon follows.

After working in the cookie making industry for over 24 years, the best advice I can give is to never give up and surround yourself with a team of people who you can trust and believes in your vision.

When I reflect on the last 60 years, some of my biggest rewards consisted of establishing my business within the community I was born and raised -Tacoma, Washington, working with such a fantastic team, being blessed to have some many wonderful people in my life, and of course making the BEST FLIPPIN’ COOKIE EVER!

I hope to leave a legacy that Bite Me Cookies is more than a business, but a team of successful people who really build each other up and care for one another.